Going to a new domain – move along, move along….

Move along

Hey everyone!
There has been a lot of stuff going on behind the scenes so there was not a lot of new content recently. But now everything is back on track!
The site has been moved to a new server so this means that this wordpress blog will no longer be updated. The newest posts can be found on:


There will be more reviews and analysis – part english, part german depending on the content. The Game of Thrones coverage will continue in English – as will the reviews for the individual episodes.

But here’s the thing: there will be a regular podcast (every 2-3 weeks) with a duration of about 1.5 hours. The podcast feed can be found here. The podcasts will be done in German because our Austrian accent turns English into something that sounds like a scientist from Iron Sky.

Additionally there will be a new author to the site who will also be on the podcast as well as write reviews. So here’s the new Flipthetruck-team:


I hope you guys take a look at the new site and/or listen to the new podcast. If you have any feedback or some things that bother you just contact as via


See you soon!


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